Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
This agreement is about the use of the MyStamp app, services, and website. You are about to install the MyStamp app on a phone or tablet. Before making use of this, we make the following agreements with each other. As soon as you install the app, these agreements apply between us.

You or you: are the user of the MyStamp app. We or MyStamp: MyStamp AB is the provider of loyalty software for our providers. We are a platform that links providers and users by offering the providers promotions via the mobile phone or tablet to the users. We offer digital stamp cards on which the user can collect stamps to obtain a free product or discount from the respective provider. We offer our services in the Sweden and Netherlands and Dutch & Swedish law therefore applies. You can find us at Laan van Zuid Hoorn 39, 2289 DC Rijswijk and in the chamber of commerce registry under number 82469741. Our providers: are the companies that have entered into an agreement with us to offer the loyalty software to you and other users. The providers want to use this software to bind their customers, the users, in a customer-friendly way by awarding rewards or discounts to the user.

The agreements: these are the agreements that we make with you as soon as you install the MyStamp app further. We may change and update these agreements from time to time, so check regularly to make sure you agree with us. You can always find these agreements on our website www.mystamp.nl and we will notify you 30 days in advance if changes take place. The MyStamp app: an app that lets consumers interact with promotions offered by our providers. The website: www.mystamp.nl.

We assume that
1. you are 13 years of age or older;
2. are authorised to make agreements;
3. the information you provide to us (such as email address) is valid;
4. have installed the app and have agreed to our terms and conditions
5. come up with a good password and keep it to yourself
6. you use the app on your own discretion.

1. We have the right to prevent irresponsible users from using the MyStamp app or creating an account and may deny you access to the MyStamp app without us having to compensate you for any damage.
   a. if these agreements are not adhered to;    
b. we have another good reason for this, such as fraud or suspicion thereof.

2. The provider determines the content, purpose and nature of his promotion and the conditions for participation. The provider determines the number of stamps that you can collect for a promotion. We are neither responsible nor liable for this. We are also not liable for any other transaction between the provider and you.

3. You receive the stamps at the invitation of the provider by scanning a unique QR code on a tablet presented in the provider’s store.
4. The stamps can only be redeemed at the respective provider who has offered the specific promotion for their location(s).

5. Stamps can never be redeemed for cash and may expire over time. They only have a value insofar and as long as there is a promotion from the respective provider.
6. The provider has the right to change or end a promotion at any time. If this happens, you will be given the option to redeem your stamps for a period of 30 days from the date of the decision to end the promotion.

7. The provider has the right to refuse you to redeem stamps or collect stamps. We are not responsible or liable for this.

8. You are responsible for the availability of the facilities necessary to access the app or the phone or tablet, or account.

9. You remain responsible for (unauthorised) use of your account or your collected stamps.

10. We may take technical measures to protect your account and the app against unauthorised use and / or against use for other purposes that we have intended. You will not protect or circumvent your account or the My Stamp app in any way against these measures.

11. We keep the MyStamp app and the website available and carry out maintenance and updates as far as we deem necessary. It may therefore happen that the MyStamp app is temporarily unavailable, so that you cannot use the MyStamp app.
12. We may decide to discontinue or change the MyStamp app and our services at any time, without notice, term or reason.

13. All content or texts in the MyStamp app or website is owned by us or the provider, depending on what we have agreed with the provider. This also applies to texts and content on physical data carriers such as flyers and posters etc. These rights are not transferable.

14. If the MyStamp app or website contains links to other websites of third parties or providers, this does not mean that we or its providers offer them. We are not responsible for the content, use or anything of these websites.
15. We process personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are therefore responsibly processing your data. More information about this can be found in our privacy policy. We can also use your personal data in the context of our agreements with our providers. We refer to the privacy regulations of our providers. We hope you enjoy using our MyStamp app!

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